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condition and identity has not been confirmed by hospital officials yet. here is what we know -- the exercise was at the old rosewood psychiatric hospital in owings mills at about 2:30. police used is for active shooter type training. we are told live rounds are not used during the trading, so it is unclear how a trainee was shot during a training exercise. they usually what are called soft rounds, which do not hurt. we do not know which treat the this -- which precinct this treaty was from. we will be getting to the press conference and a few minutes to the police sort out what happened here. but a police trainee was shot in the head during a police training exercise. for now, we're live at shock
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trauma. >> more breaking news right now, this time for a baltimore county. let's go to capt. roy taylor over the scene of a house fire. >> this is the 8400 block of dogwood road. this fire came out as a call for a chimney fire. when they got here, they tried to extinguish it, but it had spread into the house and it is considered to be a working fire. you will see a lot of sparks from the electrical fire parking. it's a very hazardous condition and we have -- they have requested the power be shut down. no report of injuries at the time, but as we get more information, we will report to you. >> we are also following a breaking news in annapolis where fire crews are racing to contain a 3,000 gallons of fuel
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tanker fire that went up in flames this afternoon. this was on the 7300 block of edward road in annapolis where officials are trying to make sure the fire has settled. no reports so far that the injuries. >> to our other big story tonight -- a terrifying early morning murder-suicides near the college park campus. >> the university of maryland grad student had been suffering from mental illness for over a year. >> he was an engineering graduate student at the university of maryland. in the spring of 2012, he graduated from oregon state university, also in engineering. he's won a number of honors and served at the nasa-daughter research center as an intern. tragedy just off the campus of
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the university of maryland college park and all the gun that mental illness. >> around 1:00, we heard about had gunshots go off. >> police say the 23-year-old fired the shots at his roommates, killing one of his rebates that would take another. he then went into the backyard and killed himself. >> detectives discovered a 9 millimeter and get back to the government body. they also discovered a bag of weapons to it clued eight baseball bat, a machete, a fully loaded semi-automatic handgun and ammunition. >> police say the 9 millimeter pistol was purchased legally in baltimore county. according to investigators, by a bizarre set of events started on tuesday morning. he set fires in the basement at the backyard of his house. his roommates came outside and talked with have about getting him to put out the flames.
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as they walked toward the house -- >> one of the students that is the suspect reached into his waistband for a gun. >> the student was able to run to a neighbor's house. the other collapsed in the front yard. police say they learned from his family that for at least one year, he suffered from mental illness and had been prescribed medicine for it. >> this is a great tragedy for the entire community and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their loved ones. >> robbery in college park have been a big issue. he's not sure what would have prevented what happened tuesday morning. >> i am naively optimistic kind of person. this doesn't change how i view the safety around college park. obviously the whole gun issue is bigger of the country right now that i think this sheds some light on that.
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you never know what >> police say it didn't have non-life threatening injuries. a memorial service is that for 7:00 tonight on the campus of the university of maryland. >> that to a developing story. that number at an elementary school about worth the with all the cliff to the main entrance of the school. it was confirmed the world was headed in that when someone attacked her and ran away. the victim was taken to hospital and parents have been notified of what happened. city school police -- a teacher's aide at has been arrested for having sex with a 15-year-old student. after a weeklong investigation, we have more on that story.
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>> student at the school described the suspect as a nice person and can't understand how something like this would happen. according to charging documents, miller related to police issues having sexual relations with a 15-rolled boy at the school since december. >> student at north hartford heights school react to the arrest of an inclusion helper or teacher's aide at the school. the sheriff's deputies took the 35-year-old into custody on monday, a resting her at the school after a 15-year-old student told police the two had been having sexual relations. according to a charging document, miller and the victim started communicating in december of last year. their relationship involved sending naked pictures to each other via text and having sexual relations off-campus, mostly in her car. police got a tip about the inappropriate relationship that according to charging
5:07 pm
documents, miller admitted to the sexual relationship and testing. >> they believe this is an isolated incident. they will look into this case much deeper to make sure this suspect doesn't have any inappropriate contact with students at the school. >> 11 news try to reach miller for comment but no one answered. hartford county schools would not reveal much, telling us "as this is an open police investigation and a personnel matter, we are prohibited from releasing any information. the employee has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation." miller did post a $50,000 bond after her arrest but currently faces charges of sexual abuse of a minor at third and fourth degree sex offense charges. if convicted, she faces up to 37 years in prison.
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>> temperatures rather mild today, like spring for the time of year with highs in most locations hitting the '50s. as you can see, it is a clean sweep on the doppler. temperatures are cooling off into the '30's and 40's. in parts of southern maryland. that mile there is clear for us because there is a storm system approaching the area moving up to the northeast. snow on the western edge in oklahoma and it looks like a messy mix because temperatures are not cold enough workers know. we will sort out all of the complicated details in of the nation's capitol tonight, a bubble but a fun nation-building
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here at home in his state of the union address, announcing troop pullout from afghanistan and what he hopes is a redeployment of dollars to domestic programs. >> it is the president's best chance to push a program and cement his legacy if he can get congress to act. >> good evening from capitol hill. if his inaugural address is any indication, this could be a tougher talking president obama. there's no way to tell until tonight. will he compromise or about to win his way of the big issues? >> everything i have to say tonight. >> that line could be announced but he would break of 34,000 u.s. forces from afghanistan. the military could be hurt by spending cuts on march 1. outside the capital, union members protested the automatic cuts would hit social services.
5:10 pm
the sequestered require a deal on which date beaches. but there is still no agreement. >> we have the ending debt crisis, not a revenue debt crisis at didn't write that the obama prescription is to spend more to put americans back to work. the liberal agenda he laid out added. saying things that position him on the far left of the political spectrum to achieve an opposite side of divided government look for statement on gun violence. "this murder is heartbreaking. >> when mother had a message for lawmakers. >> you signed up for the job,
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do the big. i do something on gun, on the budget, and on education. that is sure to be the message. whether prime-time response, republicans are turning to senator marco rubio of florida. >> what ever the president said tonight, you can watch it live with the rest of the nation starting here. >> still to come, dozens of grave sites are robbed of their valuable markers. >> some of those were those of world war two veterans. why they are on a mission to find the deceased. >> and a manhunt for the next cop and accused killer, chris dorner. >> the trouble baltimore city school is now in the midst of a turnaround. turnaround.
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with a two-year agreement. visit there's nothing like fios. and as pc mag says: [ male announcer #2 ] if it's available, you should get it. >> we are following breaking news involving a massive manhunt involving los angeles fugitive cop, christopher dorner. he is now said to be barricaded
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inside a cabin and to law enforcement officials have been wounded. he -- this is in the big bear region of the san benito county. leafy committed a burglary and that a couple tied up inside. one was able to get away and call for help. initial reports said he stole a car and fled but now we are hearing he may be holed up inside the cabin. shots were fired at the los angeles tv station is reporting to officers have been shot but no word on the conditions. authorities have come up with a man who is marking a great -- stealing grave markers. they're looking for families of the deceased, some of whom were world war two veterans. they have this recently recovered the items. and we have retained a pictures of some of the -- we have
5:16 pm
obtained pictures of some of the items that were stolen. anyone with information on the families of the deceased should contact police. alert,onight's medical you made no pregnant women are advised to take folic acid to reduce the chance of birth defects. but now there's a new effect -- reducing the risk of autism. >> doctors advise pregnant women to take 400 micrograms of folic acid every day. a good thing to reduce risks for spina bifida and other is an apparent added benefit. >> you may reduce the risk of having a child with autism. >> researchers followed 85,000 children for six years and found women who took live -- women who took folic acid wallet or
5:17 pm
pregnant lower their baby's risk of developing autism by 40%. experts call the link a landmark finding, but it's just one piece of a complicated puzzle. genetic and admire mental factors also influence autism. >> this does not prevent autism. there were women who took folic acid and went on to have a child with autism. >> the food supply is fortified with folic acid. but many women it may not be getting enough in their diet to make a difference. they say there is no downside to taking the supplements. >> this is a no-brainer. it is a win-win proposition. it's good for the mother and a good for the fetus. can't ask for anything better than that. 11 forecast. >> in between a couple of
5:18 pm
weather systems today, and doing some sunshine across the state. state college -- another area of cloudiness. we will cloud over as the night wears on and we are able to sneak in and a nice looking tuesday. with temperatures hitting 54 degrees and 10 degrees warmer than average for today. the record love is back to 1899, five degrees on this day. 44 in oakland. that warmth for them. falls very, 53. somerset county at 52 degrees. some clouds will move then and lows will range from 28 to the northern and eastern suburbs.
5:19 pm
mostly calm and a winter weather advisory with temperatures into the '40's. change is on the way up and down the mountains. higher elevations to be cold enough for mostly snow. without any real cold arctic air in place, this next weather system will produce a that the mixture of rain, snow and sleet mixed in. that's the storm system tracking to the north and east. a fast moving system means not a huge snow threat, likely to see a wintry mixed. the rain starts to break up for most of the fate with snow in the mountains. this is going to be arraigned tomorrow afternoon. sunset and beyond, more and more snow and rain will mix in.
5:20 pm
we will see some time of snow and it's already getting off the coast and pulling away. by thursday morning rush-hour, it is gone. just a small window to our night. a couple of inches of snow is what it looks like. behind it, the cold arctic air will return. temperatures on the edge of rain and snow. two or 3 inches of snow down to the coast and an inch or two tomorrow night depending on how fast the changeover occur. light rain in the afternoon. then also a couple of hours after sunset. look at the sunrise tomorrow. looking for one to 3 inches of snow in western maryland and clearing out on thursday. look for temperatures to be
5:21 pm
relatively mild and a mixed bag of rain and snow and mild on thursday. ranid tomorrow evening and maybe some snow makes thin. the seven-day forecast, going to get colder over the weekend with temperatures in the '40's. weekend temperatures in the '30's. but like the coastal storm is off the shore. >> i like that. thank you. fat tuesday celebrations under way in new orleans tonight. >> let the good times roll -- we will look at bourbon street and fill you in on how mother nature may be joining in all the fun. >> tractors plowed into the streets of annapolis, new at 6:00. >> the zoo is hiring. >> the zoo is hiring.
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>> many people had drinks in hand before sunrise this morning. it's party time in in your lawn. >> is the end of the mardi gras festival season, but this year, there is some rain falling in their parade. >> good evening and happy marty crop. bourbon street is packed and has been since early this morning. despite on-again off-again rain, it does look like anyone is anxious to leave anytime soon. the parades are rolling and like always, the annual fat tuesday- brings out a little bit of everything. from super heroes to the untraditional "charlie's angels'." this is a baby on the way as
5:26 pm
well as to pass a good time for those who have been celebrating for a long time. >> we've been doing this for over 50 years. we love new orleans. we are from new orleans, all of us. >> this woman wrote on a bus 21 hours from detroit. >> i love it. this is so much excitement and so much energy in the air. it is electrifying. >> and nonstop. but the beads are not the only thing falling from the skies. rain continued to fall as well, pushing some inside. outside, they haven't scared off the cash. millions will pour into that they will spend about $144 million during the festival. clearly, most here are not worried about getting wet.
5:27 pm
liquid is a big part of every party crop. >> a couple of hours here on bourbon street, i don't think most realize what it's right. those who do don't seem to care. >> still to come, a gunman opened fire on a virginia college campus killing 33 people. >> said that incident, a lawsuit was filed sayg lives could have been saved if virginia tech would have wanted earlier. >> a cure to a common allergy -- we would as a teenager eat
5:28 pm
5:29 pm
>> right now, for kids the tape he net allergy and -- and their parents, it's say, that cause for concern. just the tiniest bit of a pin that could be deadly. there are millions to suffer on this allergy. is there now a cure? >> it is possible. the fascinating process and you may be a believer after watching this. >> he 17 years old, a good
5:30 pm
student, states heart and is part of a jazz band and this a pretty talented pianist. today at lunch, he's eating something that in the past would have been strictly off-limits. he couldn't even sit at the same table with someone eating a peanut butter cup. he's one of the millions of kids with a food allergy and he is allergic to peanuts, one of the most difficult to avoid food on the planet. >> you remember a time when you didn't worry about peanuts? >> no. the first reaction was when he was 8 months old. >> it was an accidental bite of a symbol peanut butter and jelly sandwich. he was covered in hives from head to toe. the allergy has ruled their lives ever since. >> at school, it became a bigger part of our life. they had medications and he felt
5:31 pm
included in school. >> he's been taking part in a children's study for the past several years. it's like changing treatment, trying to cure him of peanut allergies. the idea is to introduce peanuts' slowly in minute amounts to desensitize him. >> in the first food challenge, he reacted to 1 milligrams of peanuts. >> in the three years since, he's taking a daily maintenance dose. the doctor is working beddoes ever higher. >> the goal is to teach his body to learn to tolerate that the he was so severely allergic to beforehand. >> after consuming 10,000 milligrams, he has had no peanut protein since then. no maintenance dose. so has he lost his protection? every 15 minutes, an alarm sounds.
5:32 pm
and he gets another dose of peanut protein. so far, so good. >> it looks like chocolate pudding. is that what it tastes like? >> the texture is very pretty. >> gritty chocolate pudding? delicious. while everyone looks very call around here, there are some nerves. the doctor says this is some research where they don't know the answers. they proceed cautiously, but today is the final challenge. he will eat real. butter with chocolate. he says he doesn't like peanut butter, but how would he know? >> it was not that actually. >> his mother records the moment for posterity. >> i feel a little itchy. in my mouth. >> we think that is probably
5:33 pm
where he is now. >> that brings us back to bp the buttercup. not a huge thing, but a marker that says for the first time in his life, he no longer has a peak allergy. >> for those of you with peanut allergies, you can see the entire interview on >> a police training exercise went wrong this afternoon. authorities say one of the but his offense was shot. the incident happened at 2:30 at the old rose with a hospital, along the 200 block of rosewood late and is used as a training facility. the victim was taken to shock trauma at we are waiting for a press conference for an update on what happened. the press conference will happen within the next two hours. two men are dead and another
5:34 pm
injured after a shooting in college park early this morning. a university of maryland students of fire to the basement of a home where he was living a around 1:00 this morning and then shot his two housemates as they ran out of the house, killing one of them. the student then turned the gun on himself and took his own life. we'll have a live date coming up at 6:00. more now on the breaking news we brought you at the top of this hour -- a house fire in baltimore county. within the last 30 minutes, we've learned no injuries have been reported. the flames broke out of the 8400 block of dogwood road. crews say when they arrived on the scene, the flames were coming from the second floor of the house. at last check, the fire is still not under control. >> frederick douglass high school was the subject of a 2008 hbo documentary which cast the school in a very negative light. things may be looking at.
5:35 pm
let's go to the newsroom for more on that story. >> the documentary was called "hard times at douglass high. it's turning heads in washington. >> a top u.s. department of education official makes the rounds at frederick douglass high school. she is the assistant secretary of elementary and secondary education. she was on a mission to learn what it takes to improve schools. what do you think so far? >> i'm totally inspired. it's great to come to a school where people care and set a high standard and believe in their kids. >> but the change has not been easy. the school of half the size it was more than a decade ago due to a new academy of innovation and the principle. >> we're when great school and to great academies. very 21st century learning academy.
5:36 pm
these are things you will not see from the outside. >> they have an academic -- have met their academic target for the first time over 12 years. >> even know we do the job at all that, they're great teachers. >> the school has a state of the rbd and production program and a program geared toward music careers. >> you can see the difference. the effort level and enthusiasm, you can see that. >> the school's alumni says even of the change has been a long time coming, it has been well worth the wait. >> i'm very happy and proud. >> school administrators say the goal is to build new leaders that can stand in the shadow of one of its famous alumni, thurgood marshall. they're making progress with the help of a federal school improvement grant. >> thank you.
5:37 pm
tonight, an emergency meeting for the un security council after north korea launches its third nuclear test and less than a decade. >> why this might be a sign >> why this might be a sign their
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5:40 pm
>> the international community is joining the united states in condemning a nuclear test for new -- from north korea. they say they promised to pursue firm action. the president says it represents a serious threat to the united states. the u.n. has just held an emergency meeting to consider new measures against the already heavily sanctioned nation. the fear is north korea is trying to create a long-range ballistic missile capable of delivering a nuclear strike on the united states. today's blast appears larger than the previous two in 2006 and 2009, indicate the program is progressing. >> tonight, we are learning more detail of a courthouse
5:41 pm
shooting that left three people dead, including the gunman. the gunman has been identified at one of the ex bother at lot of love it of. the gunman exchanged gunfire with police which left him dead. the investigation is ongoing. families of the virginia tech at the curve will appear a hearing before the supreme court. the family won a lawsuit saying they could have survived if the campus have alerted students earlier. damages were sharply reduced against the state. both sides are appealing. >> you may want to check your freezer. >> as we is launching a massive recall after consumers say they found pieces of glass in some products. we will fill you bet on the meal the fact that what to do if you have them, straight ahead.
5:42 pm
>> a storm coming from the south brings a chance
5:43 pm
>> coming up at 6:00, a police trainee was shot in the head during an exercise in owings bill. we will have a live report a group pushing for the governor and mail -- governor and mayor to come up with a policy about who gets a prize seats at the football games.
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5:45 pm
>> in honor of abraham lincoln's birthday, a letter was on display signed by president lincoln and secretary of state william seward in 1863. appointed william gramm of new jersey as the council of the united states to keep town, south africa. the priceless document was given to the pratt library in 1940 and is part of the special department which includes historical documents. abraham lincoln would be 204 years old today. >> 42 animal lovers, it might be a chance of a lifetime. >> imagine going to work caring for exotic animals. for the right person, the opportunity awaits you. >> if you are looking for a job, you might want to check out the maryland's in baltimore. they are hiring. it was feeding time this morning
5:46 pm
for the penguins. feeding the penguins is not as simple was you might think. the keepers at this exhibit feet of twice a day and keep close track of what each one eats. ashley loves her job at the zoo. >> people think it's not possible. they say i never do that. but you just get in there and work hard and it's possible. once i started getting into the business, you can move up and you have to be willing to start lower sometimes. >> the zookeeper is one of the many positions. >> we are hiring for keeper positions which is charged with staffing the draft feeding station or the public can interact perhaps. that area where the public can interact with them. >> here is a job that might be fund. they're looking for tram drivers. >> if you like to say things like classification and iraq
5:47 pm
that, we have a job for you at the maryland suit. >> how about working on was in mobile, going to schools and nursing homes, bring the animals out to the public. >> one of the best things we get to do is take animals out of the zoo. of teachers to come in and people getting a teaching certificate that need to get experience. the bid to come and teach at the schools at take animals to the senior centers. you like to do that kind of thing and talk about animals, this is the job for you. >> there are over 20 jobs available in all kinds of areas. >> we have something for every kind of person that every skill level. we are looking to gear up for the spring and summer season which is why we have a lot of these jobs available. >> who knew? >> does she have paws on?
5:48 pm
>> nice day. >> it is going to change. we have already seen the cloud cover approaching from the south and west. the same system producing grain on the march across festivities in new orleans and spreading cloud into the mid-atlantic and it will continue to move our direction. temperatures were quite mild for this time of year. forties' all the way in southern new england where we have all the snow 56 degrees in roanoke and with the warm air around, we are not talking about a pure snow maker. going to be a risk of rain and snow and will sleet. the crowds continue to thicken across the area. it will get all that cold
5:49 pm
tonight. 28 degrees. sense that was at 5:40. hire a celebration -- higher elevations will have colder temperatures. all this coming from the southwest, tracking northeast. it will cut across the mid- atlantic and head out to sea. if not quite organize just yet. 73 degrees in new orleans. a real lack of arctic air in the mid-atlantic and northeast. it looks like it will start with rain tomorrow afternoon. a cloudy start to the day and in the afternoon, some rain showers and snow in the maryland mountains. deeper into the evening and that changes. long gone by the thursday morning rush-hour. as we go to the weekend, it will
5:50 pm
get colder and we will have rain or snow showers in the evening. tomorrow, like rain developing in the late afternoon and changing to snow. a small craft advisory as the winds are increasing at of the east and the storm system approaches. eastern shore, mixed rain changing to snow tomorrow night and the clearing out for thursday. could and with a flurry thursday morning. tablatures will stay normal to finish the work we get we get a blast of cold air saturday and sunday. >> we have an update on the
5:51 pm
breaking news of california where authorities confirmed former los angeles police officer christopher dorner is holed up in a cabin. the suspect still a vehicle at some point today, of bad debt after a chase and read to a forest where the cabin is pretty short time later, there was an exchange of gunfire. two law-enforcement officers were hurt and are being airlifted to a local hospital with and no injuries. >> a recall of a specific lean cuisine entrees. leslie is pulling its mushroom ravioli meal after shards of glass were found of the product. i hope you have a pencil and paper handy right now. the defective packages of the ravioli have product codes -- here's the first one --
5:52 pm
2311587182. the second group of numbers -- 2312587812. hope you got those. have a best before date of december of 2013. so far, no reports of injuries or illnesses. mortgage rates are getting paid and more of them are on time. trans union says of waters that took on mortgages after the housing bubble burst are keeping up with loan payments and the trend of play -- a trend of paying on time has pushed the rate payment to the lowest level in four years. mortgage holders whole living -- falling to month find fell in the fourth quarter down to 5.19%. airlines are getting better at making sure your packages arrive before you do.
5:53 pm
the nation's airlines reported their lowest level -- lowest rate of mishandled baggage years. america's largest airlines post an 82% on-time arrival rate. last year was an incredible year for thurgood marshall airport as it set the record for passenger traffic. more than 22.6 million people used the airport last year, an increase of 1.3%. their report set a monthly record last july with more than 2.2 billion passengers. >> a real spectacle of side the state house today. a protest of a bill that passed last year. >> pratt street is the need makeover for valentine's day. i will explain, next.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> part of downtown baltimore is getting a new identity. stretch near the inner harbor. now that is getting downtown in the spirit for valentine's day. >> this corridor along baltimore is the next big thing. the street signs went up declaring it the wine-tastic mile. >> we want to rival rodeo drive
5:57 pm
and fifth avenue. >> it runs along pratt street all the way down 2 president street and into harbor eased. the neighborhood association picked out the name because of the restaurant and entertainment venues along the way. i it's going to be something that helped the city. we're going to try to work with baltimore. >> this weekend, just in time for valentine's day, the mile will return to the love mile. >> you will have people celebrating valentine's day weekend and we have some great hotel and they will have a romantic packages. >> what better way to celebrate with blind?
5:58 pm
they have plans to expand even further in years to come. >> i would like to see our own line. >> interesting. that is all for us at 5:00. >> we continue to follow breaking news -- a police trainee was shot during a training exercise. we are waiting on a press conference. >> coming up, the latest on the police investigation into a murder-suicide involving the university of maryland students. >> who used the governor's superbowl tickets? the answer across criticism. >> live, local, late breaking.
5:59 pm
this is 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> and update of breaking news we brought you at 5:00 -- the shooting of a police trainee. >> it happened during a training exercise and we're still awaiting word of the treaty's condition. let's go live to shock trauma for more on his condition. >> we just learned state police will join city police in a joint press conference in the next hour or so. officials are waiting for the police treaty to arrive before they release any information on what happened here. sources say at about 2:30, a police trainee was shot and head. it happened at the old redwood psychiatric facility that is now used for training. usually during exercise like this, no live rounds are used. only soft ammo that doesn't hurt only soft ammo that doesn't hurt if i

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